ASP Poll: An ASP Poll Management program

 ASP Poll allows your visitors to vote on the online polls you create. Vistors can also view results of the polls. Vistors get color graphs showing their opinions. The administrator can add/edit pools anytime from the browser-based administration (unlimited number of admins allowed).


  • Easy to install. Seriously, it's like 10 minutes.
  • Secured browser-based administration.
  • Unlimited number of polls.
  • Limit visitors to one vote per poll per ip address.
  • The administration/publishing interface is web browser-based, so it can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Add, Edit, Delete or Activate polls through the administration interface
  • Lost password notification. If you lost your password have it reset and sent to your email.
  • Manage administrators: Add/Delete/Change Passwords
  • Give each administrator their own username/password so they can log into the system.
  • Uses MS Access 2000 database. 100% ASP Script.

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Version 1.1
Updated 10/03/2005